Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A Question...

Like everyone else I often look around blogs and see things I like or dislike about individual blogs and the way different people approach blogging. The most usual thing appears to be that people use a single blog for all aspects of their hobby, while others tend to have separate blogs for different themes. Some of course have a single interest and of course just the one blog through which they present it.

On more than one occasion I have followed a blog which has started off with a series of posts on a topic that has interested me, only to find that subsequently the blog ignores it, for something which does not... like Warhammer FB or 40K. I am sure that for some of you this might be the case with my own blog, so I ask the question...

Do you prefer a blog which sticks to a single topic or theme, or do you prefer (or do not mind) those which cover a broad spread?  

I have previously had a small number of blogs which have centred on a single topic, usually a specific conflict, but more recently I have been coming around to having somewhat broader headings for them instead. If I retained this blog as something along the lines of a 'personal' blog and created one for 'Medieval' (specifically late 15th Century), 'Interwar' (sort of post-WW1 to Early WWII and to include SCW) and Post-WWII (1945 to 1980), as well as my '50s orientated adventure one, would that be preferable to the format of almost everything that is not adventure gaming being covered here?

From my point of view, once a blog is set up, it is just as easy to run a number of blogs as it is one... except that the frequency of posts (roughly one a month right now, but was one a week previously) would be spread across all of the blogs obviously (I simply can't write five posts a month). 

I am however finding keeping a lot on a single blog difficult. I find drop down menus particularly frustrating, especially as those with multiple menus usually require some deft skill with the mouse to stop them collapsing - hence my going to a single 'large' dropdown menu per topic, which I hope proves much more suitable for blog navigation for you guys.   

So... your comments would be appreciated on this, or indeed on anything you feel might improve your 'experience' here. I am always looking for ways to improve how I present my version of the hobby, so have at it!